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Spencer Cox September Son a life journey in Glastonbury

Me and Beau dog

Crawling out of the stone age I have decided to start Blogging, a term which I thought came from Somerset where i live meaning blocked ,flooded drains.

So here I am in my kitchen drinking a stiff coffee and listening to September Sons rough demo recorded at studio 9 by the amazing Ian Miller thinking about how all this came to pass and how did we get this far?

We are three guys from differing background but share a common bond ,music.

My journey started when I first saw and heard a vinyl player my parents had [one of those wooden and glass ones with dials and numbers all over it]they played Elvis,the Beatles,Billy Fury and tons of top of the pops compilations,when I saw the turntable spin and the little arm drop i sat in wonder waiting in anticipation at what was to come next ,The needle would hit the grooves and a few moments of silence before the sound came out of the speakers.the singers voice would come out and I would be lifted into another world ,I imagined that I one day would be performing and singing to people like me sat in their front room listening to my vinyl record.

Things are different now things are digital ,which is cool by the way,people still sit and listen to music and tap their feet ,sing along and tell their friends what they are listening to.

I never imagined that I would be sat here today telling the world that in part I have achieved that very goal.I am in a band with two other guys Nick Balura and James Arter together we are September Son ,we have played in pubs ,clubs festivals and peoples front kitchens,I still cant believe that we have come so far in so little time.

The Hawthorns

Three and a half years ago i walked into the hawthorns open mic with my Stepson Ben Russell he was barely 16 years of age ,I had made a promise to him that , if he sang his two original songs i would play that Easter ,never realistically thinking that I would ,I was pretty sure he was going to bottle it.

Ben,bless him stood up in front of a room full of strangers and sang his heart out ,the crowd cheered as he finished his face was a picture ,my heart was pounding and full of admiration for him,then it dawned on me ,I had made a promise to my boy.

I got home started to practice like a madman ,not knowing really what i was doing trying to cover johnny cash and the Eels , you see I had never played a guitar before let alone sang.

That Easter the dreaded day came I ventured in ,put my name down on the list and waited.

I sat with clammy hands and a racing brain gripped by total fear.

"Spencer Cox" came the shout ,up I got and sat with my guitar and notes in front of me ,I started playing and murdering Blondies hanging on the telephone shaking and singing all the way through, i can tell you now it was terrifying.

Once I had finished the compere Steve Henderson came over and shouted "ladies and gentlemen this is Spencer Cox and this is his first ever performance in front of an audience "the place erupted with cheers and praise ,I felt like crying I had acheived something of which I had been dreaming of all my life

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