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Good times,bad times, I have had my share.

It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog and I thought I would share some more of my musical journey with you today.

We as in our band September Son have had a busy schedule gigging pubs and events each and every one a footstep along the path of learning and enrichment.

A friend once said to me "no matter the experience ,good or bad take from it and learn from it."

Those words are so true in the world of music ,a few months ago we played a gig where we had been invited to play ,a new venue;

As we walked in i noticed the candles on the table the drapes and raised stage with a full sound set up ,we were welcomed by the staff and owner "Hi guys ahve a drink,do you want some food? relax we will get you sound checked soon"I felt good.

We chilled out smiling and felt great, the venue seemed to be cool.

We sat and watched the first act a young girl just breaking out, great voice and apart from us and her parents there was not many people there,we put this down to being early in the evening and that things would liven up later.

The young girl finished her set I spoke to the manager who said that we should start around nine thirty ,that was cool with me as there still wasn't many in ,nonetheless we will always play when scheduled and be as professional as possible even to an empty room.

I went for a cigarette outside and spoke to the ticket girl asking "when do the locals start coming in?" she said "ten , ten thirty" I said "cool "

I went back inside and told the boys everything seemed to be fine.

We sound checked and opened up there were a few people at the bar and a couple of friends sat watching,as we moved through our set ,me and James noticed the candles being removed from the tables and bouncers or doormen if you like arriving ,the bouncers were followed by a different type of clientèle some girls and lads a few sheets to the wind and some burly characters at the bar .

The girls started gyrating and grinding close to the stage as the boyfriends looked on and at us with a peculiar look on there faces ,one of the burly characters with a tight haircut came over and sat directly in front of us glaring straight at us ,the atmosphere had changed and at that moment I thought about what my friend had said about ,take every experience as a experience of learning and enjoy it.

On that premise we did exactly that , we played as if we were in Wembley arena to a full capacity crowd ,it was great even when Mr burly shouted out " you're shit!" we came back with a response that satisfied his need of attention ,he left more or less straight away.

We finished the set the manager thanked us and offered us a few beers and invited us into the VIP area;

We sat and watched as the pub filled up with people looking for a good time and saw the house DJ set up ,yes house DJ.

We hadn't realised from our booking that the venue had only just started doing live acoustic sets and that it was well established as a night club,the experience in the end was great we enjoyed it but some moments we had our doubts,thanks my freind for the good advice it has served us well.

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