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September Son .New year , new members , new direction.

A while has passed since the last blog "Good times, bad times I have had my share"

2017 has arrived and 2016 has been called by old father time.

We have had, a busy year with pubs,clubs, festivals,recording and radio interviews ,along the way the duo of which we started, turned into a trio, with the arrival of James Arter on cahon and vocals and finally at the latter end of the year Ret Warwick joined us on bass and vocals.

There is a saying "too many cooks spoil the broth" in our case September Son ,we have been lucky the two chef du partie have brought a speciality dish each, that enhances our musical menu.

James has been a friend for a long time ,by chance we reconnected at a party and jammed for a while then soon realised that it would be good to join in on September Sons Journey and I for one can say I'm so grateful for that, James personality and creativity has brought balance, harmony and brothership to the fold.

Ret Warwick came to one of our favourite music venues in Glastonbury, the Hawthorns Hotel bar and restaurant where he played a couple of tunes,That moment I saw Ret I knew there would be a moment of connection. Ret also has a mutual friend in Shaun Ryan Buxton [ A real good friend in fact] who unbeknown to us guys had mentioned to Ret about approaching September Son.

A couple of weeks later we got chatting and found out that Ret was looking to play bass in a band Ret stated "I like your style and what you guys are doing ".

Since that chance meeting Ret has joined the band and really fitted in, as if he has been with us since the beginning;

Ret has influenced our sound and direction his bass brings gloss and velvet to our sound.

Our first gig together was at the Glastonbury Frost Fayre performing on the famous Fringe stage for our part it was amazing ,on my part I felt blessed to be surrounded by three brothers brought together by musical gravity, no auditions ,no advertising, just fate .

Thank you 2016 , Hello 2017 September Son have just grown up.

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