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A friend of mine once said "people are like planets in orbit they travel and pass one another they the leave for a while but always come back in time"

The relevance of this ?

Well , since my last post (at one point it truly did feel like my last post) James Arter had to leave the band and change direction.Personally I felt as though I had lost a brother ,James brought a calming influence and great poise to the band .Initially I felt OK as we had Ret to bring the baseline and something new to the scene.

Our new album was out, I was feeling great, gigs lined up, things seemed to be on the up.

We had a gig at one of our favourite venues everything seemed cool until halfway through the set I noticed Nick had lost is mojo and the set became a tricky trip to its final destination.

I put it down to just tiredness,lack of food and travel ,the usual suspects.

Even though i put reasons for this and consequent strangeness between us away,my mind wouldn't let go and nagging questions kept coming back.

I felt troubled,James had left, was Nick about to leave? I discussed the situation with a few close friends who always have the ability to shine a light in dark places ,differing opinions and objective views were out across along with some bias towards me.

Taking stock and after writing a few songs,in the following days, it dawned on me that actually this could be the best thing to happen for me ,the band and Nick.

I realised that everyone has their own journey to travel and that you should encourage "whoever" to continue "whatever" path they desire, it enriches them and you.

I also came to the conclusion that you have your own path to travel which in turn will colour your life with new and exciting experiences,I needed to speak with Nick.

I noticed my buddy was at a local blues jam so I headed on to met for a beer .I saw Nick and asked to go for a chat,I sat and said that I had noticed There was no feeling in the performances and that there was an underlying tension that needed to be resolved ,I said "I'm holding you back from what you want to do and that you are holding me back from going forward"Nick agreed and said " I have been meaning to talk about the same thing ,I was worried for you that you may be upset and that I didn't want to hurt your feelings or cause you any stress "

I told my mate that I was cool and strong ,stronger than I have been in a long time,I was so glad we spoke.

We were both relieved to get our feelings off our chests and from that moment things have changed for the better.

Nick like the gentleman he is has honoured all the gigs booked with the band,He is also forging ahead collaborating with many artists and concentrating on his own material (mainly instrumental) which I can honestly say is brilliant.

For my part I am surging with creativity and surrounded by three amazing artists ,Ret Warwick ,Shah and Jamie Dykes.

For the first time in a while I feel like I'm shining when we perform, the music sounds fresh ,everyone is buzzing ,the band is getting great reviews and people are excited by the new direction September Son is taking .

Creatively we have been reborn.

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